A bird's-eye view

This is my first blog post and with it I would like to soar and see the big picture. If only I could fly. Guess I'll have to settle for the view from my perch 1845 feet above sea level in the Methow Valley.

First, I'd like to thank my friends Mary Kiesau and Baylie Peplow for helping me hatch nicenests.com.

Mary is generous in allowing me to use her amazing images of cavity-nesting birds for my website. In addition to being a talented photographer, she is a dedicated naturalist, an enthusiastic teacher, and she does great work on behalf of the Methow Conservancy. Please take a look at the Methow Valley through Mary's eyes at mountainkindphotography.com.

When I wanted help creating a logo for Nice Nests, Baylie was my first and only choice. She has an uncanny ability to transform abstract concepts into concrete, creative, beautifully-rendered realities. Check out her work at redumbrelladesign.com.

Second, I want to honor all those folks in the Methow Valley and beyond who have invited me to rummage through their dump piles, dropped off scrap wood, gifted me random rusty hardware, or otherwise offered raw materials that could be turned into Nice Nests. Thank you! Got scraps? Get in touch.

I also want to thank Kent Woodruff and Dana Visalli - these two know and share so much. Kent is the go-to-guy in the Methow Valley for everything avian, and Dana has spent decades creating an incredibly rich and detailed chronicle of flora and fauna in the Methow Valley (including birds!) at methownaturalist.com.

Nice Nests is a new entrepreneurial effort, but it blends two of my long-standing interests: birds and building stuff. I'm no ornithologist or architect, just a passionate amateur. Thanks for stopping by and checking things out.