Getting Scrappy

Since I started building birdhouses, I see the world with new eyes. Where others see crap, I perceive scrap-tacular possibilities.

 Nice Nests are crafted from throw-away wood.

The bigger the burn pile, the better the potential.

Funky found hardware is part of every Nice Nest. Can you identify at least five different specific everyday items in this picture?

In the Methow Valley, wood doesn't rot. It petrifies. Some of the salvaged wood I use to build Nice Nests is 40 to 60 years old. And solid as rock.

Nice Nests are built to last.  

This nestbox is made out of an apple box from 1986. The 1.5" opening is perfect for Western Bluebirds.

Got Scraps? Call or text me at 509-699-0349. I turn junk into functional breeding habitats for a variety of cavity-nesting species.