Owls and Kestrels and Flickers - Oh My!

I like building nestboxes, but the most rewarding part of my job is working with home and landowners. I try to find the best match between my clients, their interests, the bird habitat specific to their yard or acreage - and run with those possibilities. I've had the chance to visit many properties and install Nice Nests across the Northwest. This spring has been a lot of fun because so many 2014 customers have returned with stories of success. They have tales of Saw Whet and Screech Owls using Nice Nests from Seattle to Spokane and anecdotes about Bluebirds, Kestrels and more. Here are a couple emails I've received in the last week:

Hi Patrick

Just wanted to let you know that the Kestrel House we got from you worked and they came back after the fire. Yesterday before we left there were two young birds sitting in the pine close to the house being fed by their parents. I wish I could have stayed for a few days to see them take flight.

Peter and Marsha Trost

(Bonner Lake, 7/8/15)

Hi Patrick,
We came to you in 2014 with a flicker problem. Flickers had pecked holes in our shed and had moved on to gouging out the siding of our house.

We asked you if you had any birdhouses that would keep flickers away from our siding...You actually came to our house in Twisp and spent quite a while looking at it and figuring out the best places to site bird houses for flickers. You had done your research and found the type of houses they liked and that they preferred  them stuffed to the brim with some kind of pine shavings so they could burrow out their nest.

Then you came out and installed the bird houses and stuffed them with shavings for us. You were so thoughtful, kind, thorough and knowledgeable about birds! We didn't know if it would work or not, but our entire interaction with you up to this point had been so interesting and so much fun that we felt we had gotten our moneys worth already! The design of both houses are what we call functional/eccentric. They are beautiful to look at, but definitely have the birds needs in mind. And they work!

When spring arrived....we were quite excited, because just as you said, the flickers had been excavating their new homes with cedar shavings all over the ground underneath them. We saw them flying around the house, but didn't see them in the houses.

BUT a few weeks later I noticed what looked like nesting material sticking out of the hole of one of them! And shortly after that, we began seeing flickers flying into BOTH of the boxes! The video attached is proof, with the singing of the babies in their house!

SO, all of your research and hard work resulted in the flickers nesting in the new birdhouses! Super sweet! Oh, and i almost forgot the reason we began the project...to stop the flickers from attacking our siding...well, so far, there is absolutely no evidence of any new pecking! Siding is safe. Thanks to you.

We are so very happy with the birdhouses and are looking forward to getting a new house for the swallows we have and the bluebirds...What a great product. We hope you can get these out into the world so that others can appreciate them as we do!

Thanks again Patrick and see you soon.

Trisha and Kathleen

(Twisp, WA, 7/14/15)