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Bug Hotel

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This Bug Hotel is functional art designed to attract native pollinators and beneficial insects to your yard or garden. The different types of nesting or hibernating habitat are based on years of science and research and provide attractive housing for insects including mason bees, leaf-cutter bees, aphid wasps, ladybugs, lacewings, and various beneficial beetles. The insects listed above are exceptional pollinators - or are beneficial predators of common garden pests - while being harmless to humans.

Some of the habitats are very specific - such as the mason bee tubes or tiny holes for aphid wasps - some are more general. Overall, this will be a beautiful living ecosystem with lots of entertaining interactions that are fun to watch play out over the course of the seasons and years. The Bug Hotels come with a "key" that describes in greater detail the function of the different habitats and instructions for installation/placement and maintenance.

Overall the structures are about 2 feet tall, 1' wide, and 1' deep (including the roofline.). The structures are made of a combination of cedar, fir, pine and exterior-grade CDX. They are built strong and finished with my own natural, non-toxic blend of citrus oil, pine rosin, tung oil and bee's wax. Shipping in the continental US is included in the price. If you can pick up the Bug Hotel in the Methow Valley in Winthrop or Twisp, enter the "pickup" discount code at checkout to get a local discount.