Habitat Assessments

There are more than three-dozen species of common cavity-nesting birds in the Pacific Northwest. Each species occupies a particular niche in our incredibly diverse landscape. For a nominal fee, I will come walk your property with you. I follow that walkabout with a detailed written analysis that 1) Identifies and describes present or possible cavity-nesting species on your land. 2) Assesses specific opportunities to create, preserve or enhance habitat for cavity nesting birds. 3) Suggests species-specific nestboxes and particular locations for them that work for both the birds and you. 4) Includes a menu of options/prices for different species-targeted nestboxes and a quote for installing those boxes. Its up to you whether you choose to implement any of the options presented in the assessment. Regardless, you will come away with greater knowledge and awareness of the birds who would or could call your place home.


I've had the pleasure of working with private landowners and conservation organizations to assess, plan, and implement small and large-scale projects. I have extensive experience doing on-site consultations and installations on private properties ranging from urban and suburban backyards, to rural 240-acre projects. I've worked with cherry, apple and grape growers interested in attracting kestrels and owls to reduce crop damage from mice, voles, sparrows and starlings. This past winter I installed 22 nestboxes targeting a dozen different species at the Twisp Ponds, a 37-acre property owned by the Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation. The goals of the project included: 1) Creating, enhancing and supplementing breeding habitat for native cavity-nesting birds species. 2) Integrating those nestboxes in a functional and aesthetic way with the established network of trails, interpretative signage, viewpoints and educational programs. 3) Advancing MSRF’s mission to engage and educate people about the ecological and economic benefits of conserving and restoring riparian ecosystems in the Methow Valley.  My specialty is working with people and birds to create functional, aesthetic "habirdtats."