I will update this section soon with pictures and such...thanks for your patience.  Meanwhile, here's a few quick tips on how to easily install Nice Nests. Each Nice Nest opens up by simply twisting and removing the pin on the lower right side of the nestbox, then grab the door pull on the front of the box and pull open.  Opening the Nestbox door allows you to access the inside back or floor of the box. Using a cordless drill, put a couple screws through the back of the box into a tree, fence, post or outbuilding. A long bit is helpful. If you want to put it on top of a pole or post - just sink a couple screws through the floor.

Note 1: If the locking pin on the door is sticky, use a pair of pliers to twist and remove it - wood swells and shrinks with changes in temperature and humidity.

Note 2: Bat boxes, barn owl, barred owl boxes, and mason bee structures are designed to be installed and cleaned out in different ways. Specific info on these is coming soon. Meanwhile, please contact me with questions.