Bluebird/Swallow Nestbox
Bluebird/Swallow Nestbox
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Bluebird/Swallow Nestbox

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These boxes are specifically made for Eastern and Western Bluebirds. They are also ideal for Tree and Violet-Green Swallows. The entrance hole is 1.5”, (which excludes invasive starlings) and the floor is 5.25 x 5.25 inches square. Smaller birds such as wrens will commonly use this box, even though it is larger than necessary for them. If you live in an area where Mountain Bluebirds are common, let me know and I will enlarge the entrance hole to 1-9/16".

Functional Design: Cleanout is quick and easy: just twist and pull the pin on the lower right side of the box to unlock the door, then pull the door pull to open. A steel ring surrounds the entrance hole, which prevents predators, squirrels, or woodpeckers from enlarging the entry. Like all Nice Nests, these boxes have necessary drainage in the floor and ventilation above the door to keep the boxes cool and dry. The interior of the door is scored with horizontal grooves to help the fledglings climb up and out of the nestbox.

Aesthetics: Each Nice Nest is a unique work of functional art hand-made by me, Patrick Hannigan, in Twisp, WA. Nice Nests are made entirely out of wood salvaged from dump or burn piles in the Methow Valley. The imperfections of the wood are part of the beauty and character of each box. While the wood is salvaged, it is solid. The door pulls are a mix of funky old hardware, river rocks, and other found objects.

Quality Construction: Nice Nests are always screwed together - much more time consuming than using nails or staples, but it makes a durable difference. The fronts and roofs are made from cedar, fir, and pine salvaged from new construction, tear-downs or remodels. The sides, backs and floors are made from exterior-grade CDX scrap, which is exceptionally strong and never splits. Roofs, fronts and vulnerable areas are treated with my own custom non-toxic mix of tung oil, citrus oil, pine rosin, and beeswax.

I take pleasure and pride in transforming waste into beautiful, functional nesting habitat. Thanks for doing your part to welcome birds, bats, and beneficial insects into your yard or garden!