Mason bee box
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Mason bee box

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These mason bee boxes have 50 tubes, which can hold around 300 bees total - a good starter size for a yard or home-scale garden. The cardboard tubes are easily removable for efficient annual harvesting of the cocoons each fall. The upper loft is for cocoon storage/overwintering. Box comes with easy mounting hardware.

Mason bees are exceptional native pollinators common throughout most of the United States. They do not produce honey, but mason bees can greatly increase yields of fruit, berries, veggies, and help flowers or ornamental plants in our yards or gardens. They are super mellow and totally non-aggressive. They require little management, but provide big benefits.

Hang box is sunny, east-facing location. South also works. The side of the structure (house, garage, shed, barn, fence) is best. Trees or posts are OK, just make sure the box gets good morning or early day sun. For more details on the placement and maintenance of mason bee boxes, visit my Learn More page.

Aesthetics: Each Nice Nest is a unique work of functional art hand-made by me, Patrick Hannigan, in Twisp, WA. Nice Nests are made entirely out of wood salvaged from dump or burn piles in the Methow Valley. The imperfections of the wood are part of the beauty and character of each box. While the wood is salvaged, it is solid.

Quality Construction: Mason Bee box roofs are made from cedar, fir, and pine salvaged from new construction, tear-downs or remodels. The sides, backs and floors are made from exterior-grade CDX scrap, which is exceptionally strong and never splits. Roofs and vulnerable areas are treated with my own custom non-toxic mix of tung oil, citrus oil, pine rosin, and beeswax.

I take pleasure and pride in transforming waste into beautiful, functional nesting habitat. Thanks for doing your part to welcome birds, bats, and beneficial insects into your yard or garden!