Installation Tips

I will update this section soon with more pictures.  Meanwhile, here's a few tips for installing your Nice Nest. For tips on where to place your nestbox, see my PLACEMENT page.

Chickadee, wren, nuthatch, bluebird, swallow, flicker, wood duck, saw-whet and screech owl boxes:

Option 1: Easiest option. Install a nail or screw into a tree, fence, post, structure, etc. and hang the box from the hanger that is already installed on the back of your nestbox. This is super easy, but less secure than Option 2.

Option 2: This is a better, more secure option. First, open the front door by twisting and pulling out the pin on the lower right side of the nestbox. A pair of pliers can be helpful if the pin is sticky. This unlocks the door. Then grab the door pull on the front of the box and pull up to open.  Opening the Nestbox door allows you to access the inside back or floor of the box. Using a cordless drill, put a couple screws through the back of the box into a tree, fence, post or outbuilding. A long bit is helpful. If you want to put it on top of a pole or post - just sink a couple screws through the floor. Then close and lock the door.

Option 3: Very secure, a combination of Options 1 & 2. Highly recommended for hanging larger, heavier boxes such as those for flickers, wood ducks, or owls.  First install a strong screw (4-6" Timberloks are my go-to choice). Second, hang the box from the pre-installed hardware. Third, open the door and put several screws through the back of the box into the mounting surface.

Barred and barn owl boxes: These large boxes should be hung using Option 3 above. The only difference is that instead of pivoting open, the entire face of the box comes off. Before hanging the box, remove the front, then follow the directions for Option 3. Once the box is hung securely, screw the door back in place.

Mason Bees: Put a nail or screw into the tree, fence, structure, etc. where you are mounting the box. Simply hang the box off the nail or screw using the hardware provided.

Bat Boxes: Install a nail or screw into the tree, fence, or structure where you are mounting the box. Using the installed hardware, hang the box like a picture. To finish securing the box, put 2-3 screws through the landing pad into the mounting surface - this will prevent the box from shifting or moving even in high winds. 

Work Safe: Install boxes at your own risk. If you need help, hire a professional who knows their way around ladders and tools. I offer installation services throughout North Central Washington.

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